Top 21 Most Watched Twitch Channels

Top 21 Most Watched Twitch Channels

Top 21 Most Watched Twitch Channels

Twitch might be unheard to many internet users but it is a massively popular live video streaming site which has gamers and gaming aficionados hooked to it.

The go to video sharing platform records more than 15 million active users daily along with 3.84 million monthly broadcasters.

654 billion minutes of video have been watched on Twitch in 2020 and it is competing head-on with YouTube Gaming.
Amazon bought the platform back in 2011. It has evolved exponentially since then.

Popular games like Fornite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, DOTA and Counter-Strike are some of the most streamed games on Twitch apart from many others.

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There are over 9 million channels on Twitch but here are the 21 channels that are most viewed.

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1. Ninja

Top Twitch streamer Richard Blevins or Ninja

Ninja is the undisputed king of Twitch.

Richard Blevins is an American Fortnite player earning over $5 million dollars monthly from his Twitch channel thanks to his more than 15.7 million followers.

He also streams League of Legends and Call of Duty on his channels when he is not playing Fortnite.

6,500,632 hours have been watched on Ninja’s channel over the past 14 days.

He shot to fame after hosting Drake, another dedicated Fortnite player, on his channel. You can follow him on social media at:

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2. Shroud

Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud

Michael Grzesiek is a former professional Counter Striker gamer who now divides his time between Call of Duty and Battlefield V.

Known in the Twitch world as shroud, the Canadian streamed for 124 hours in the last 14 days which garnered 3,559,614 hours worth of views.

He streams in English and also plays PUBG and Fortnite. Since joining Twitch in 2012, shroud has amassed over 4 million followers second only to Ninja.

Follow him here:

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3. TTfue

Turner Tenney is another dedicated Fortnite player from Florida, USA. His channel tfue has nearly 3.5 million followers and had an average viewership of 43,213 in the past fortnight.

In that time his channel has been watched for over 3,171,221 hours even though he streamed for only 74 hours.

He also uploads Fortnite videos on his YouTube channel which has over 6 million subscribers. Here are the links to his other social media accounts.

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4. Loltyler1

Tyler Steinkamp is a League of Legends streamer who is also known for streaming Call of Duty.

His channel on Twitch loltyler1 is closing in on 2 million followers and recorded a total stream time of 156 hours.

2,864,266 hours of video have been watched in the last two weeks which puts him just shy of the top three on this list.

The max viewers in this period on his channel were 35,489. Tyler also plays Deltarune and DOTA 2 occasionally. Find him elsewhere at:

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Next on this list is ESL_CSGO, popular amongst Twitch regulars for his live streams of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

In the past couple of weeks, he streamed an astounding 305 hours which was watched on an average by 8,282 viewers.

Overall 2,566,902 hours were spent watching videos on this channel. Apart from the well known Counter Strike, ESL_CSGO also used to play DayZ, Halo and Borderlands 2, but of lately he has been concentrating his efforts on Counter-Strike.

If you want follow him, here’s how.

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6. PGL_Dota2

As the name of the channel suggests, PGL_Dota2 streams live game play of DOTA 2 and the channel recorded a watch time of 2,544,374 hours in just 77 hours of streaming.

The channel streams in English and has just about 145k followers on his Twitch channel. Here is how you can find him on social media:


7. Riot Games

Riot Games is a video game developer as well as electronic sports tournament organizer based out of Los Angeles, California.

The channel with above 3.2 million followers live streams League of Legends on Twitch. The last 14 days saw a healthy average of 51,066 viewers.

In just 33 hours of stream time the channel has been watched for 2,465,963 hours.

If you want more information on riot games then visit;

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8. OverwatchLeague

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, OWL as it is fondly referred to, is a professional electronic sports league for Overwatch.

The Overwatch channel on Twitch live streams Overwatch play through and has more than 1 million followers. There are 20 teams spread over six countries namely United States, China, Canada, South Korea, United Kingdom and France.
The channel was viewed for 2,265,565 hours over 14 days.

The maximum viewers counted during this period were 178,272. If you wish to follow the OWL then go to:

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9. Dota2mc_ru

Here is another channel streaming DOTA 2 live on Twitch. dota2mc_ru is the only Twitch channel on this list which streams in Russian.

The follower count is a mere 157,438 but that did not stop the channel being watched for 2,176,147 hours in a fortnight.

It witnessed a maximum of 94,735 viewers with around 31k viewers on an average thanks to just 70 hours of stream time.

Know more about them here:


10. YoDa

Felipe Noronha is the only other competitive gamer on this list other than dotamc_ru and Gotaga to stream in a language other than English.

The Brazilian streams his content live at YoDa in Portuguese and has 1.2 million followers.

Felipe routinely plays League of Legends and live streams them on his channel. He is also one of very few players to stream Age of Empires II on Twitch.

In the last fortnight, YoDa streamed for nearly hundred hours which resulted in 1,948,159 hours of watched video.

He also plays Smite and Overwatch from time to time.

His YouTube channel is gradually inching towards one million subscribers. Catch up with the Brazilian gamer on:

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11. TimTheTatman

Timothy John Bater aka TimTheTatman

Timothy Bater, alias TimTheTatman, has recently reached 3 million followers on his Twitch channel.

Timothy is well known on Twitch for his streams of Just Chatting, Fortnite and Warframe.

He also used to play World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Counter Strike but has lately been focusing on Just Chatting along with Fortnite. 1,927,398 hours have been spent on his channel watching his live streams.

The maximum viewers that the Tatman has seen were 62,132.

Follow Tim via the given links

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12. Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a hugely popular game which is evident from the 1,864,488 hours spent by viewers on the Twitch channel Warcraft which live streams World of Warcraft games.

Stream time was a mere 42 hours over the last 14 days but that did not deter the channel from recording an average of 46,957 viewers to go with the more than 111k max viewers on the channel in the same period of time.

The YouTube channel has 1.2 million subscribers compared to the 487k followers on Twitch.

The link to the social media accounts are given below:

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13. Dakotaz

Brett Hoffman aka Dakotaz

Brett Hoffman started off playing WarZ and other survival games till PUBG came out.

The live stream of PUBG on his Twitch channel dakotaz boosted the number of subscribers as well as increased the average viewership.

Since then he has moved onto Fortnite and is a member of Team Solo Mid along with fellow Twitch streamer TSM_Myth.

Brett is closing in on 3 million followers and his channel was watched for 1,847,734 hours with an average viewership of 19,487.

The less than 100 hours of stream was enough to gather a maximum 48,019 viewers.

Reach him on social media at:

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14. Scump

Seth Abner is a professional Call of Duty player hailing from Pennsylvania, United States and on his channel scump you can watch live streams of Payday 2, Star Citizen, Arma 3 and of course Call of Duty.

You can even watch Call of Duty: Ghosts on his channel which has more than 533,000 followers.

Seth’s channel had 103,386 maximum viewers who contributed to the 1,795,783 hours of watch time on Twitch.

His YouTube channel, where he uploads video too, has more than 2 million subscribers.

Get to know him better at:

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15. Imaqtpie

Michael Santana is a long time Twitch streamer and a professional League of Legends gamer.

Michael’s long locks and scruffy beard stands in sharp contrast to his gamer persona and Twitch channel imaqtpie.

He streams League of Legends, Call of Duty, DOTA 2 and Overcooked 2 on his channel which has reached 2.4 million followers.

He streamed for an impressive 145 hours during the last 14 days and registered a watch time of 1,672,649 with a little over 11,000 viewers on average.

His YouTube channel is quite popular as well and has managed to reach 1.7 million subscribers. Follow him here:

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16. TSM_Daequan

Daequan Loco is an American professional Fortnite player as well as a YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer who became well-known courtesy his common quotes while playing Fortnite.

TSM_Daequan also streams Creative Destruction and Battlefield V and has amassed nearly 2.9 million followers.

The watch time on his videos was 1,544,889. An average of around 24,000 viewers and a maximum 45,590 viewers sums up the viewer statistics for Daequan’s channel.

His YouTube channel has a cool 4.2 million subscribers.

Get to know him better at:

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17. Sodapoppin

Thomas Jefferson aka Sodapoppin

Thomas Jefferson Morris started live streaming at the young age of 14 and joined Twitch in 2011. Since then his channel sodapoppin has gained around 2.2 million followers.

An avid gamer, Thomas was also the co-owner of a Canadian esports organization known as Northern Gaming.

Thomas now keeps himself busy and his viewers hooked to his channel by World of Warcraft, Hitman 2, Just Chatting, Travel and Outdoors and casino games.

He infamously lost $5000 in a single hand in front of 40,000 live viewers.

His channel has been watched over 1,520,885 hours in the last fortnight and noted a peak viewership of 59,678 during that time.

If you want to follow him then here are the links to his social media accounts:


18. RocketLeague

RocketLeague is a soccer video game but with rocket powered cars instead of laced up soccer stars.

Partnered by HyperX, this channel has 828,202 followers and the maximum viewers on the channel were 164,357.

More information on them on the social media links:

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19. Gotaga

Frenchman Corentin Houssein is a devoted Fortnite player. With approximately 1.3 million followers on his Twitch channel Gotaga, Corentin achieved a maximum viewership of 89,420 in the last 14 days.

54 hours of stream time was enough to rake up 1,482,841 hours of watch time on his channel. Apart from Fortnite, Corentin also plays Just Chatting, Garry’s Mod, League of legends and Visage.

Gotaga streams in French and completes the trio of Twitch streamers on this list who stream in a language other than English.

Corentin can be followed on his social media:

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20. xQcOW

Canadian streamer and gamer Félix Lengyel is well known by his Twitch moniker xQcOW and his channel just over 800,000 subscribers at the moment.

1,472,288 hours of watch time on his channel is on account of the 108 hours of stream time. In the last fortnight his channel had seen at the most 24,545 viewers and an average of close to 14,000 viewers.

He mainly plays Overwatch but sometimes also streams Minecraft, We Were Here Too and Left 4 Dead 2.

To know more follow him on social media:

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21. CohhCarnage

Ben Cassell is a committed Red Dead Redemption 2 player from North Carolina, USA.

CohhCarnage, his Twitch channel, crossed 1 million followers recently and logged not more than 30,937 viewers.

He streamed 106 hours of content which attracted 1,472,075 hours of watch time.

Ben also plays Fallout 76, Warframe, Throne Breaker and H1Z1 among many others. He used to Fortnite not too long away but now streams either Fallout 76 or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Get more updates from Ben via

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